Remove Your Hot Tub the Right Way

Has that old hot tub in your yard become more of a nuisance than a source of relaxation for you and your family? Or has your hot tub simply seen better days and it is time for a replacement? No matter the reason, if you want your old hot tub #removed from your home in or around Indianapolis, ABC Junk is the company for the job.
hot tub removal
ABC Junk removes hot tubs in and around Indianapolis, Indiana
If you have a hot tub that you are not using, it is likely nothing more to you than an eyesore in your lawn or on your deck. Hot tubs require a lot of maintenance and time if you want to keep them looking nice, running smoothly and safe. We often see clients who bought a hot tub because they loved the idea of #relaxing outdoors in it, only to realize they barely use it and it is now just an inconvenience to them.
That being said, we also see many clients who love their hot tubs and just wish to move them either to another location in their current yard or to a new home if they are moving. We can help in this case too!

Deconstruction and Removal of Hot Tub Near and Around Indianapolis

If you have a hot tub that would like broken down and removed in Indianapolis, it can seem like a daunting task. Hot tubs are filled with a few hundred gallons of water, contain electrical wiring and are sometimes embedded right into your deck. Without the help of a professional, you may struggle to properly break down and dispose of your old hot tub.
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ABC Junk will take apart and dispose of your old Hot Tub correctly\
The first step in the deconstruction and removal of a hot tub is to drain out all of the water. If you have owned your hot tub for awhile you are likely aware of where the drainage is and how to do it. If, however, you just moved into a new home that came with a hot tub that you do not wish to keep, you may not know exactly how the drainage works.
Once the water is removed, we use a wet/dry vacuum to suck up any additional water or puddles left behind because we want the hot tub to be as dry as possible before we begin to break it down.
Next, we will begin the deconstruction process by using specialized tools to cut the hot tub up. We will use electric saws and other tools that can be dangerous if exposed to water which is why we ensure the hot tub is completely dry before beginning this process.
Once the hot tub has been safely broken down, we will remove all of the pieces and debris from your yard and haul it away to be disposed of properly. There are usually some parts of the hot tub that we can recycle.

Hot Tub Moving Indianapolis

If you are looking to move your existing hot tub from one location on your property to another it is advised that you contact professionals like ABC Junk in Carmel, Indiana to assist with the process. Choosing the best junk removal company near Indy is easy and fun.
Unlike deconstruction and removal of a hot tub in Indianapolis, moving the hot tub requires that we preserve the hot tub so we can safely and efficiently set it back up in its new location.
Hot tub disposal
Get rid of your old hot tub right now!
We follow a similar procedure for hot tub moving as we do for hot tub removal in that the first step is to drain the water and make sure it is as dry as possible. Next, we would take the hot tub apart while ensuring that we preserve the integrity of all parts of the hot tub and safely move it to its new location where will can hook it back up for you too.

Why Choose ABC Junk for Your Hot Tub Removal Needs?

ABC Junk is the number one junk removal service in the Indianapolis area. Our crew consists of experienced professionals who know exactly how to remove your old hot tub safely and efficiently with no hassle for you. We have removed dozens of hot tubs from the greater Indianapolis area already, give us a call today if you would like your hot tub removed too.