Reasons for Small Tree Removal Services

There are often occasions when #trees need to be cut down and removed for one reason or another. Small tree removal in #Indianapolis is a potentially hazardous job so it must be handled by professionals. ABC Junk can safely and economically help you with all of your small tree removal needs.
ABC Junk provides small tree removal services in and around Indy

Reasons for Small Tree Removal

There are many reason why you may need to hire a small tree removal service in Indianapolis, but it can sometimes be difficult determining when the right time is. Many times trees in your yard become such a part of your landscaping that is it difficult to imagine what it will look like without it. We understand that sometimes making the decision to have a tree removed can be a tough one, especially if the tree has provided great shade, homes to wildlife and an attractive view.
In the case of an old, decaying or dead tree, they are sometimes more harmful to keep than it is worth. If you have a dead or decaying tree on your property, we recommend that you have the small tree removed as soon as possible to prevent future danger and damage.

Here are the top 15 reasons why small tree removal in Indianapolis may be necessary:

  1. The tree is dead-this seems like a very obvious reason to remove a tree but as mentioned above, sometimes the tree has special meaning to the owner or the landscape of their property so they hang on to it.

  2. The tree is unhealthy-if a tree is in poor condition you may notice that the top of the branches are dying or that the trunk is starting to decay. If you notice any signs of an ailing tree, it is best to remove it before it dies completely.

  3. The tree was damaged in a storm-if the damage to the tree is significant enough, the tree may be beyond repair and will need to be removed from the property.

  4. The tree is encroaching onto your home-if the tree or it’s roots are getting too close to your home, garage, barn or utility lines it can cause major damage. If a tree is allowed to encroach on these structures, major damage can ensue.

  5. The tree is leaning in a potentially dangerous direction-if the tree is leaning towards your home, garage, children’s play structure, etc. you should have the tree removed to prevent it from falling on and damaging these structures or yourself and family members.

  6. The tree drops annoying or troublesome leaves, needles, sap, branches, cotton, seeds, etc. If you have a tree on your property that is making a nuisance for you and your family, you may want to seek tree removal services.

  7. The tree is blocking your view-it is common to need to remove a tree that is just not in a good position. Sometimes a tree can grow so big and tall that is shades all of your property, inhibiting the sun from reaching your home and landscaping.

  8. You have plans to renovate your current landscaping and it will involve damaging the tree. Or, your new landscaping plans do not fit with the existing tree or trees.

  9. The tree has structural problems such as interior decay. This may not be an obvious sign so you may need to hire an arborist to come take a look.

  10. The tree has formed a bad crotch

  11. There are cracks in the main trunk or branches

  12. The tree has gotten too large and poses a threat should it or it’s branches come down

  13. The tree is in the way of a construction project or if the construction project will damage the tree

  14. The tree is infested or has a disease that could potentially spread to other trees or kill the tree

  15. The trees on your property have become crowded, causing you to need to remove some of them to create more space

Can I Remove a Tree Myself?

We highly recommend that you do not attempt small tree removal in Indianapolis yourself unless you are trained and experienced in small tree removal as there are many potential risks and hazards. ABC Junk can safely and efficiently remove any unwanted tree from your property with ease. There is no tree that is too big. If you need yard waste removal services, we do that too!
Small Tree Services by ABC Junk
Small tree removal is one of our most popular services as it is one that many homeowners simply do not possess the knowledge or equipment to handle on their own. If you already had the tree cut down and are just in need of someone to take the debris away, we can help with that too!
We are committed to making our small tree removal Indianapolis service as eco-friendly as possible by making sure that the trees are disposed of properly, including mulching them up when possible and re-using the materials.

How Much Does Small Tree Removal in Indianapolis Cost?

The cost to remove a small tree in Indianapolis will vary greatly on the size of the tree, location, and scope of the removal. We can offer you a free, no obligation quote to remove your tree by simply calling, texting, emailing or filling out our contact form on our website. Just send us a description of the job, better yet, send us a picture and we will get back to you right away with more information. It’s that easy!
We provide full small service small tree removal, including thorough cleanup. We will not leave your property a mess with the wood chips and branches that get left behind. We make sure your home or business is pristine before packing up our equipment and leaving.
We are the number one small tree removal service in Indianapolis. We are locally owned and operated and stand behind all of our work. We guarantee your happiness or your money back. So if you are in need of small tree removal in Indianapolis, call us today to get the ball rolling!