Looking for Yard Waste Removal Near You?

There are many different types of yard waste and people often have difficulty figuring out what to do with it. Did you home suffer a recent storm that has left large tree branches and other debris strewn across your #yard?

ABC Junk provides yard removal services
Have you recently started a landscaping or gardening project that has left you with dirt and debris everywhere? Or, do you simply have a lot of junk and clutter lying around in your yard that you haven’t had the time or resources to clean up yet? In any case, we can help!
ABC Junk provides a safe, friendly and eco friendly way to get rid of your yard waste for you with no hassle or inconvenience for you. Our yard waste removal service is the best in Indianapolis. We will come to your home, at a time convenient to you, and remove any and all yard waste debris.
Our friendly team has the knowledge and equipment needed to safely remove your yard waste. You don’t need to worry about ruining your own vehicle and trying to find a satisfactory place to dispose of your yard #debris, we take care of all of this for you and our vehicles are made to handle your yard waste.

Types of Yard Waste We Commonly Remove

We will remove pretty much any yard waste in Indianapolis that you may have as long as is it non-hazardous. Here is a list that includes the most commonly requested yard waste removal items:
  • Branches

  • Yard clippings

  • Sod

  • Soil

  • Landscaping debris

  • Firewood

  • Old fencing

We can also safely remove any unwanted lumber, wood, windows, shingles, etc. If you have yard waste that you would like removed but don’t see it specifically listed, just give us a quick call or text to inquire. More than likely we will be more than happy and equipped to handle any yard waste removal situation.
We take wood, lumber, branches, small trees, and much more!
What to Expect With Yard Waste Removal
When you contact ABC Junk to schedule yard waste removal in Indianapolis you can first expect to be greeting in a friendly and polite manner whether by phone, text or email. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and are thrilled to have your business. Next, you can expect that you will be given a fair and competitive quote to remove your yard debris. In fact, if you bring us a quote from one of our competitors, we will beat it!
After agreeing to the quoted price and getting all of your information, we will plan a time for our crew to come to your home or business to remove the yard waste for you. We work around your schedule and strive to book pickups as soon as possible as we understand that when you want your yard waste picked up, you want it done ASAP so you no longer have to deal with it.
When the day comes to pick up your yard waste, you can expect a friendly two-man crew to show up at your home or office at the scheduled time to remove your yard debris. Our crew will be equipped with all of the necessary tools to get the job done safely and efficiently.
Want your yard waste removed? Call ABC Junk today!
We know how to pack our trucks so that the most #yard #waste fits in one trip, limiting the time we need to spend on your property or going back and forth.
After the yard waste is picked up and packed into our trucks, we will make sure that your lawn is in pristine condition before leaving the job site. We never leave a job site a mess. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services or your money back.

What Other Yard Waste Can We Pick Up?

Yard waste is not limited to trees, grass and other natural items, we understand that sometimes the lawn ends up being a catch all for all of the things we don’t want in our homes any longer.
Often times items such as old refrigerators, garbage, kids toys, trampolines, hot tubs etc. end up outside on the lawn and at some point it is time to clean it up. Here is where ABC Junk comes in, we can take any of these items and many more.
Have an old shed, swingset or tree house that you no longer want on your property? We can take that too! For many of us, the act of tearing down and disposing of an old shed or swingset is a daunting task that would be difficult to complete without the assistance of professionals. If you wish to have your old shed torn down and removed in a safe and efficient way, look no further than ABC Junk to take care of this for you.
Why Choose ABC Junk
ABC Junk is the number one yard waste removal service in Indianapolis because we truly love removing yard waste. Yard waste removal is one of our favorite cleanup projects. Finding and choosing a junk removal company takes a lot of research.
We are a locally owned and operated company right here in Indianapolis. We care about Indianapolis and the people who live here.
When you call ABC Junk you will be treated with the utmost respect always, no questions asked. We provide affordable and safe junk removal services for all of your junk removal needs. Our team is comprised of professionals. We know how to get the job done and done safely every single time.
Don’t be tricked by some of our big name competitors who boast discounts and incentives, these companies usually mark their prices up extremely high. We price fairly and as previously mentioned, if you have a quote from one of our competitors, we will beat it. That is how much we value your business and we will work hard to maintain your business so that we are your go-to service for yard waste removal in Indianapolis.