Trash Removal in Carmel Indiana

Having a reliable and convenient trash removal in Carmel is extremely important. As a society, we produce a lot of trash and the kinds of trash vary. You want to find a trash pickup service in Carmel that serves all of your waste management needs.
We provide trash removal in Carmel and surrounding areas. The areas that we serve include Indianapolis, IN, Westfield, IN, Fishers, IN, Noblesville, IN, Zionsville, IN, and Greenwood, IN. You can check out our locations and see if ABC Junk services your area.

Best Trash Removal in Carmel

Did you know that we can pick up your weekly household trash for you? Not only can we handle your weekly trash bins, but we are more than happy to pick up large items as well. Most trash removal Carmel companies will not pick up large or bulk trash, and if they do they require a special fee and time to do so. At ABC Junk, we handle all of your needs in a efficient and cost effective manner. If you are looking for swing set removal in Carmel, please call us up and we can remove it for you.

Why is Weekly Trash Removal Important?

If you’re looking for trash removal in Carmel, IN, we have served many customers in that area. It’s important to sign up for a weekly trash removal service, which we offer.
In today’s world, our lives tend to be hectic and overwhelmed and there is a great demand for disposable materials to expedite our day to day tasks. With disposable materials in high demand and prevalence, we are creating more trash than ever before. We run into problems when people are not disciplined with their trash removal as is necessary in contrast to their production of trash.
It has been estimated that the average American person creates over four pounds of garbage each and every day. Multiply that by the American population and we are looking at a shocking number! We generate trash without even realizing it; from your morning bagel and coffee at the coffee shop to blowing your nose on a tissue. It all adds up.
Every single small action that creates waste adds up, and over time, it creates a substantial pile of trash. The United Nations Centre for Human Settlements estimated that only 25-55% of all waste generated in large cities ends up being collected by trash removal and municipal services. So where does the other 75-45% of the trash go? It’s left on the roadside, sidewalks, homes, etc.
Unfortunately, litter is constantly being created which means the stock piles of trash continues to grow, but it must be collected at some point. The trash removal efforts that focus solely on collecting litter cost around $11.5 billion each year. That is a lot to be spent on something that can be prevented in the first place.
We also have issues with landfills being too full. Landfills are filling up with items that could otherwise be recycled, reused and re-purposed. Irresponsible trash removal has led to overcrowding in landfills which causes a myriad of environmental issues.
It is vital that we have proper trash removal systems and services in place to serve the overwhelming amount of trash that is created each and every day. Excess trash and litter leads to contamination of the earth, the ozone layer and our city streets. Without proper trash removal services infections and disease spread quickly.
ABC Junk prides itself on being an eco-friendly trash removal service in Carmel. We work hard to keep items out of local landfills that can be recycled or reused. Our trucks can be seen frequently at local recycling centers as well as donation centers. We are about Junk Removal in Carmel Indiana and want to keep it clean and safe.
How Does Trash Removal Work?
At ABC Junk, it is simple: you put your weekly accumulation of trash and recyclable items out to the curb in garbage cans and we pick it up for you. There is no hassle on your end. Our trash removal team will show up on time and safely remove all of the trash that you leave for us, no questions asked.
Some trash removal companies are sloppy, unreliable and provide poor customer service. We stand behind our work and promise that our trash removal service is the best in Carmel and the surrounding areas.
What is Recyclable?
We gladly accept and encourage you to put out your recyclable items for trash removal. Items that can be recycled include:
  • Glass-food containers or jars, soda or beer bottles, wine and liquor bottles

  • Paper products-cereal or snack boxes, phone books, magazines, mail, office paper, newspapers and cardboard

  • Plastic-any plastic bottles found in your home

  • Metal-tin, aluminum and steel cans

Things that should not be recycled include:
  • Plastic shopping bags

  • Plastic stretch or saran wrap

  • Foam cups or containers

  • Egg cartons

  • Drinking cups

  • Soiled food containers or soiled paper products

  • Plastic utensils

Although all of the above mentioned items are not suited for recycling, we are more than happy to pick these items up in your regular trash removal Carmel.
Cost of Trash Removal Carmel
The cost for weekly trash removal in Carmel will vary greatly depending on whether it is a home or a business and based on the anticipated volume of trash needing to be removed. At ABC Junk, we recommend that you give us a call, text, email or fill out our form on our website ( for a free, no obligation quote for weekly trash removal for you.
We guarantee the lowest prices and the most inclusive trash removal Carmel Indiana. We are a locally owned and operated company that prides ourselves on responsible trash removal and superior customer service. We work diligently to keep as much trash out of landfills as possible by donating and recycling any items that qualify.
Choosing ABC Junk for you trash removal in Carmel means you are choosing to responsibly and safely dispose of your home or office trash. Choosing us also means you are paying the best price and receiving the best service in Carmel.
Areas We Serve
We serve all of Indianapolis and the surrounding areas for their trash removal needs. The counties we serve are; Hamilton, Marion, Boone and Johnson.
If you live in Carmel or a surrounding suburb, call us today for the best trash removal in Carmel. We promise we will not disappoint!