Spring Clean These 3 Rooms in Your Home

Clutter in our homes seems to accumulate over the winter months. But, come spring, we’re always looking for ways to get rid of trash, old clothes, and old furniture we’ve let pile up. With the help from ABC Junk Removal & Hauling, you can do just that. So, here are three rooms in your home that deserve a good spring clean!

Spring Clean These 3 Rooms in Your Home

1. The Garage

If you’re wondering where all your garage space went, take a look around. Like most homeowners, the garage is the place for all the things you don’t want in the house, but you still need to access regularly. This means stuff can really pile up. You might find that old box of CDs, old yard tools you don’t need, and even Christmas decorations you forgot about. To declutter your space and give you more room, donate what you can, and then call us for junk removal of your bigger items!

2. Your Kitchen

Can’t find lids to your Tupperware? Don’t worry; this is a common household struggle, as is that junk drawer you refuse to open. Spring is the best time to clear out your kitchen and get rid of pots, pans, dishes, cups, and so much more! You might also be thinking about upgrading your appliances, in which case you’ll need a reliable team to come and haul away your old ones. Going through your old cabinets and taking inventory of the items you have and use regularly can help you eliminate even more clutter in this area of your home.

3. The Attic

The attic is another area in your home that really accumulates junk. But trust us, you don’t need that old tower computer and monitor, or those old lamps. So, why not let us take them off your hands? By going through the attic, you might find things you can repurpose, donate, or just throw away. This exercise not only declutters an area that could be a fire hazard, but can also inspire you to get more organized with your storage space.

We’ll Haul Away Anything

Getting rid of clutter, trash, and junk in your home not only feels like an accomplishment, but it can inspire you with new decoration or renovation ideas. No matter what you’re getting rid of, ABC Junk Removal & Hauling will come to pick it up. We proudly serve residents throughout Central Indiana, and we can take old appliances, scrap metals, and even construction debris. To request an appointment, give us a call today at (317) 430-7813