5 Things Cluttering Your Office

Keeping your office clutter-free is easier said than done. Often, our professional settings involve many moving parts, projects, and pieces of information. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to work in a cluttered space. If you and your employees could use a good purge day, give ABC Junk Removal & Hauling a call! We will proudly carry away all of those unwanted items and trash from your workspace.

5 Things Cluttering Your Office-disorganized and messy desk

1. Outdated Technology

Like any business, you probably have outdated software discs and CDs stashed away in a filing cabinet. But, why are you hanging onto these things if you haven’t used them in years? Many software discs and programs require annual renewals and are updated constantly, so it’s probably safe to say you can toss that Microsoft program from 2000.

2. Mystery Cords

Just about every business has that box. You know the one we’re talking about. It’s stashed in the utility closet and holds random cords that never seem to find their places in your business. Some of your employees might even have mystery cords stashed at their desks. Removing these is a great way to declutter offices and storage areas. 

3. Broken Hardware

Over time, it’s not uncommon for monitors, computers, laptops, and keyboards to break. Hanging on to these useless devices is likely cluttering your office and storage spaces, so it’s time to get rid of them. Always aim to recycle electronics, since their complete disposal through the normal trash service can be harmful to the environment. 

4. Dead Batteries

Many businesses are moving towards being green and clean, thus recycling every item they can. Batteries certainly fall into this category, and you shouldn’t be tossing them into the trash. Yet, collecting them in your desk drawer can cause clutter and frustration. So, designate a bin at work for dead batteries and have them recycled once a month.

5. Paper

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but paper can quickly add up and clutter your desk. If you’re hanging onto old meeting notes or sticky notes that you no longer need, then it’s time to declutter. To stay on top of the paper clutter, aim to spend the last hour of your workweek sifting through necessary and unnecessary documents. Recycle what you don’t need, and keep others organized in folders. 

Get Professional Office Cleaning Help

If your storage space or offices are full of clutter and you’re ready to get rid of it, call ABC Junk Removal & Hauling. We can help clear out furniture, appliances, old electronics, and televisions. If your business is in Carmel, Greenwood, or Fishers, IN, you can count on us! Contact us today for your no-obligation quote by calling (317) 430-7813.