3 Tips for Removing Old Carpet Safely

Old, worn-out carpet can make your home look tired and dated. While it may be tempting to put off the project of removing it, doing so can be hazardous to your health and your home. However, exposed nails, dust, and mold could lurk under that old carpet, making it essential to take safety precautions when removing it. So, ABC Junk Removal & Hauling is sharing three tips for removing old flooring safely before you call us to haul it away.

3 Tips for Removing Old Carpet Safely

1. Prepare the Area

Before beginning the removal process, it’s essential to prepare the area. First, wear safety gear like a dust mask, gloves, and goggles. You should also set up a workspace with adequate ventilation and lighting. Once you’ve got a safe area to work in, it’s time to prepare the flooring. Start by removing any furniture or objects on top. Then, pry up a corner of the carpet and slowly start rolling it back. As you remove the carpet, cut it into smaller, more manageable pieces to avoid tearing or ripping it.

2. Remove the Tack Strips

Tack strips are thin pieces of wood nailed to the floor around the edges of your carpet. To remove them, gently lift one end using a pry bar or chisel. Once it’s loose, slide it out from under the carpet. Be sure to dispose of it safely by ensuring no nails are sticking out. We highly recommend you dispose of these tack strips rather than leaving them lying around.

3. Remove the Underlayment

If your old carpet was installed over an underlayment, you must remove it next. Underlayment is the padding and other materials underneath the carpet that provide insulation and shock absorption. It’s often made of foam or sponge-like material and can quickly accumulate dust and mold over time. To remove it, use a scraper to peel it up from the floor.

Call ABC to Haul Away Your Old Flooring

Once you’ve removed that old, dingy carpet, it’s time to get rid of it. You could dispose of it on your own or pick up the phone and call ABC Junk Removal & Hauling at (317) 430-7813. Our team serves all of Westfield, IN, and we’re here to help you remove your old carpet, attic junk, or basement stuff. Call or text us for service, and we’ll be there!