3 Tips for Demolishing a Shed

Sheds are a common backyard structure where most homeowners house lawn equipment and use for excess storage space. However, as the years go by, these structures become run-down and risky to use. But even if it seems like a stiff breeze could knock it down, demolishing a shed is harder than it looks. ABC Junk Removal & Hauling has the equipment necessary to remove a dilapidated shed, but there are some things you can do to help us prepare.

3 Tips for Demolishing a Shed

1. Get a Permit

In Indiana, any type of construction on your property requires a permit. These permits also include demolition projects, which apply to sheds, fences, swimming pools, and other small projects you may have. To avoid fines and to legally remove your dilapidated shed, you’ll need to get the proper permit before we can come to remove the structure.

2. Clear Any Brush

Nature can sometimes take over a structure, which is often the case with an old shed. If wooded areas or shrubs surround your shed, ensure these are cleared away or trimmed back for easy access. Trees and shrubs are things we can take off your hands, but you’ll have to let us know you need this when you request your quote. Removing these will be essential before we can tear down your shed. 

3. Remove Your Stuff

Before we arrive and demo your shed, remove all of the items you plan on keeping. If you have stuff you want us to remove as well, let us know beforehand so we can plan for this removal. Removing things from your shed is also a great time to clean up any broken glass or hazardous materials. Additionally, you might find things you forgot about and can repurpose for another project around the house. 

Text Us to Get a Quote

At ABC Junk Removal & Hauling, we make it easy for you to contact us and get a quote for shed, fencing, and hazardous material removal. In addition, we can quote most projects via text message. So, snap a picture and send it our way! We can even quote you for carpet removal, attic cleanouts, and recycling those old electronics. If you live in Carmel or Indianapolis, IN, or the surrounding areas, text or call today at (317) 430-7813.