3 Benefits of Yard Debris Removal

Now that the weather is nicer here in Central Indiana, homeowners are busy sprucing up their lawns and landscaping. This often includes pruning bushes and trees, raking leaves, and pulling weeds from the flower beds. But it never fails that once all of these chores are done, people hardly ever know what to do with all of this yard debris. That’s where ABC Junk Removal & Hauling comes in! We can take away your pile of twigs, grass, and weeds, leaving you with a pristine lawn. Here are several reasons you should call professionals for yard debris removal.

3 Benefits of Yard Debris Removal

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Here at ABC Junk Removal, we strongly believe that recycling as much as possible is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of throwing your debris away, find a professional service that takes it and turns it into mulch. Unfortunately, landfill space is limited, so recycling your lawn debris is a great way to promote a healthier, cleaner environment.

2. Improves Curb Appeal

Yard debris removal services ensure that your lawn and landscaping stays clean and attractive. Curb appeal is crucial for any homeowner, whether you’re looking to sell or not. A well-manicured lawn is also great for the neighborhood appeal and can help boost property values. So, instead of burning that debris in the backyard or letting it sit in a pile, have it professionally removed.

3. More Room for Activities

If you have yard space hidden under piles of yard debris, then you and your family aren’t fully enjoying all your property has to offer. These piles could also contain sharp branches and sticks, making them a hazard for the little ones. However, once you have this yard debris removed, you’ll find that you have so much more room for yard activities like games and family gatherings. You might even have enough room for that new shed or pool.

Get Your Yard Debris Removed Today

Yard debris removal is one of our most requested services from homeowners around Central Indiana. We have all the right equipment, manpower, and experience to quickly get rid of that pile of branches, weeds, and leaves. We can even help with demolition projects, electronic recycling, and carpet removal. To request service, give us a call today at (317) 430-7813.